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Contact information

Birkenes kommune
PB 115
4795 Birkeland

Phone: +47 37 28 15 00
Fax: +47 37 28 15 01

E-mail: postmottak@birkenes.kommune.no

Opening hours: 08:30 - 15:00

Tourist information

As a tourist in Birkenes, you will find a lot to attract you. Above all, there are the pleasures of the outdoor life to be found in our varied and stunningly beautiful countryside. Activity and relaxation that go hand in hand to bring back the true meaning of holiday - the idea of recreation.

We have no frantic theme parks, noisy shopping malls or crowded streets to offer (although if that’s what you want, they’re only 30 minutes away...).

We do on the other hand have delightful museums where you can wander peacefully through the centuries in the company of knowledgeable guides, and unrestricted access to fantastic rivers, woods, fells and mountains for canoeists, walkers and nature-lovers. In winter, cross-country skiers can enjoy our well-prepared wood and mountain tracks. Our shops are small enough for you to be recognised after a couple of visits, but large enough to supply you with whatever you need.

The angler will also find much to look forward to in Birkenes. Simply purchase a fishing licence, and you can fish almost anywhere you please. There are many different species waiting to be caught, and if you are lucky the salmon will be biting....

A rich animal life and good fishing opportunities. The municipality has the South coast´s largest number of moose and a great number of beavers. Even on the outskirts of the Birkeland town centre you may come across beavers and beaver lodges! In certain lakes trout has been fished weighing about a kilo. There is fish in the Tovdalselva river as well. But remember to purchase a fishing license if you wish to try your luck!

The rumbling waterfall Teinefossen, with its picturesque surroundings, is just on the outskirts of the centre of Birkeland. It is also an exciting and a popular place to go swimming. 1.5 km. further West, you will find another idyllic waterfall, namely the Flakkefossen.

A variety of strolling opportunities. In Birkenes there are miles and miles of hiking trails and forest roads. You may take walking trips and do some mountain-bike riding. Miles of the old railroad which connected Birkeland and Lillesand are now converted to a circular walking trail about 10 km long. Different maps show the touring possibilities.

Birkeland is the town centre of Birkenes municipality.

Birkeland is located in rural surroundings, but it still very centrally locatet.

  • 30 km fom Kristiansand
  • 22 km from Kjevik
  • 13 km from Lillesand
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Birkenes kommune
PB 115 
4795 Birkeland 
Telefon: 37 28 15 00 
Faks: 37 28 15 01
E-post: postmottak@birkenes.kommune.no

Org. nr: 964 965 870
Mandag, tirsdag, torsdag og fredag 10.00 - 14.00 (13.00 i juli)
Onsdag stengt

Sentralbord: 09.00 - 15.00 alle hverdager

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